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Our Story

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In December 2015, the pub closed its doors, seemingly for good, and was sold to a property developer. Following a campaign by villagers, planning permission to turn it into a residence was denied. Many people felt that under brewery ownership the pub hadn’t had a fair chance and could be a viable business: that it could be a superb destination pub and a thriving community hub.

So, when The Plough went on the market, the village bought it using grants, donations and a community share scheme - which attracted 240 investors from the village and further afield.  By February 2021 the pub belonged to the village. After months of incredibly hard work, inside and out, and three hundred years after it first began trading, The Plough Inn is once again at the heart of the Longparish community.

The Plough Inn is the trading name of Longparish Community Pub Ltd which is a Community Benefit Society registered by the Financial Conduct Authority No: 7951. Registered office: Broadacre house, Longparish, Hampshire SP11 6QQ.  Copyright ©

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